OJO is for the creative spirit, the chic professional, the stylish trendsetter, and the casual go-getter who stick by their authentic vision.

Since 2012, our team has provided customers with Japanese-inspired eyewear in more than 80 branches in Malaysia and the Philippines. Our specs range from reliable prescription glasses to sleek shades paired with high-quality lenses. With our all-in-one price offering, a pair of OJOs are always timeless, stylish, and budget-friendly.

As we enter the new phase of OJO’s retail transformation, our company’s objective is to bring the world-class OJO Eyewear experience to our clients no matter where they are, any time of the day. Whether you’re a first-time purchaser or a long-time OJO user, our website is here to make your online shopping experience a breeze. It’s a virtual OJO store that’s open to serve you 24/7.

Similar to our brick-and-mortar branches, customers can choose from a wide array of eyewear selections within our staple collections. Expect to find up-to-date and trendy frames that you can customize with the lens upgrade of your choice: Digital, Photochromic, or a combination of our bestselling Photo-Digital lenses.

With just a few clicks, you can have your own OJOs delivered straight to your doorstep. Should you encounter any issues, our website offers a direct line to our customer service team who will gladly guide you through the order process and FAQs.

Finally, we want you to have the freedom to browse and choose at your own pace. We understand that finding the perfect eyewear takes time. But if you’re interested, we’ve carefully curated a Style & Fit Quiz that can help you streamline the shopping process. If you still have any concerns, our virtual staff is at your disposal.

Direct from the Factory

OJOs are high-quality, durable products that are manufactured and sourced directly from our own supply. We’ve eliminated the need for traders and distributors, allowing us to lower the overhead cost and pass on the savings to you!

Simply put, OJO Eyewear offers skillfully-made, Japanese-inspired eyewear that won’t break your bank account.

High Quality, Timeless Design

OJO clients don’t need to worry about trends and fads when they purchase a pair of OJO glasses. With its sleek and lasting Japanese-inspired design, OJO specs are a guaranteed wardrobe staple. It will surely go with anything in your closet any time, any day, ever more.

A Healthy Investment

The durability of our products is a major priority for us. Each pair is carefully produced and assembled to make sure that it’ll last you a long time. We also provide after-sales maintenance in our physical stores that includes:

  • Free Eye Check-up / Consultation
  • Eyewear Adjustment
  • Unlimited Free Nose Pad Replacements
  • Eyewear Cleaning

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