What's your return policy?

OJO Eyewear provides a 7-day return policy, which allows customers to exchange their items within 7 days from the date of purchase.


  1. Dissatisfaction with the weight of the frame, fit, style, color, etc. provided the item does not show signs of use.
  2. Discomfort with lens grade and/or lens upgrades after a 4-5 days adjustment period so long as the prescription given was provided by our resident eye doctors.

Note: Applicable for online purchases only.

What's your warranty policy?

OJO Eyewear offers a 30-day warranty on all items.


  1. Manufacturing defects, lab, staff, and prescription errors. ​
  2. Wrong item received.

Note: Applicable for retail and online purchases.

Note: Products for return must include complete packaging (stickers, tags, hard case, sac, etc) and receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I want to follow my existing prescription for my new glasses?

If you do not have a copy of your written prescription form, you can drop by any of our stores and lend your existing glasses to our licensed optometrists. They will be able to check your current eye grade using our auto-lens meter.

However, lenses with severe scratches and/or peeled coatings may yield inaccurate readings.

How fast before my eyeglasses can be released by the store?

Our stores can get your glasses done within 30 minutes, depending on the stock availability. Special ordered lenses may take a few days to be processed.

Can I wear contact lenses during an eye test?

Customers are required to remove their contact lenses for at least 30 minutes (for soft lenses) or 1 day (for hard contact lenses) for an accurate prescription.

What type of lenses do you offer?

OJO Eyewear offers the following lenses:

  • Clear (Anti-Reflection, UV Protection)
  • Digital (Anti-Reflection, UV Protection, Anti-Blue Light, Anti-Radiation)
  • Photochromic (Anti-Reflection, UV Protection, Adaptive to UV Presence)
  • Photo-Digi (Anti-Reflection, UV Protection, Anti-Blue Light, Anti-Radiation, Adaptive to UV Presence)

What are the lenses included in the all-in-eyewear package?

The package comes with 1.56 index clear lenses for SPH up to +/-4.00 and CYI up to -2.00 that are anti-reflection and 100% UV protection.

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