Indoor summer with the Pastime Club

Everyone in the world is pretty much beach-bummed.

Right now, we’re still rolling with the punches. Safety remains as everyone’s current priority. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s also natural to just miss certain aspects of daily life before the world was at a standstill, like kicking back with friends and just making memories together.

This is the heart of our first editorial—Pastime Club.

Inspired by slice-of-life animes like “Asobi Asobase” and light-hearted animations from Studio Ghibli, Pastime Club embraces the stillness of our childhood summers. Summers of bygone days filled with smiles, laughter, and contemplation safe from the blazing hot afternoon sun. While highlighting specific pieces from our wide array of eyewear collections, we embrace our inner child in our first lookbook.

Expect more fun drops from us in the future. And as the motto of Pastime Club goes, we hope to have fun and grow up with you.

行くぞ!~ Take a peek at our first lookbook right here.

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